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Sybaritic was founded in 1990 to develop, manufacture and market whole-body vibration and thermal capsule systems for the weight loss and fitness markets.Today, Sybaritic maintains its headquarters in Minneapolis and also has offices in Tallin Estonia and Beijing China.

Sybaritic has been awarded 110 U.S. and International patents for its waveform energy technology innovations and has developed laser, light-based, radio frequency, and ultrasound / cavitation products used for aesthetic medical treatments.

IPL Devices

iPro by Sybaritic

Nanno iPro

The Nanno iPro is an Intense Pulsed Light system designed to provide effective, affordable, simple and safe Hair Reduction, Photorejuvenation, and Acne Clearance treatments.

The system is controlled by innovative iSmart Synergy software that provides the greatest operational flexibility to the practitioner for the best patient results.

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Nanno ELITE 300

The Nanno ELITE 300 is an advanced Intense Pulsed Light system designed to provide multiple aesthetic treatments.

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Nannolight MP50

The NannoLight MP50 is a Multi-Platform Intense Pulsed Light System offering advanced technology enhancements and multiple indication hand piece options.

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Cavijet Trio X7

TRIO X7 is a non-ablative, non-invasive aesthetic device that combines Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency for body shaping treatments and skin tightening.

The anti‐aging facial skin tightening component of the TRIO X7 also makes this system unique. Utilizing three different sizes of bi‐polar electrode applicators allows for greater versatility in treating different areas of the face to achieve younger‐looking skin.

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